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Nov 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
for by the nevada ir grakts, the state and nonprofit. >>> a bay area automaker bested to win one to have industry's most prestigious honors. t essla has won car of the year award for 2013. the news is already sending a charge through silicone valley. >> richard not surprised the model has made history today by being the first all-electric vehicle to win motor trend's car of the year. he agrees with motor trend's appraisal that the electric sedan rides as smooth as rolls royce, more efficiently than a prius and as fast as a sxoorts. >>itis scary. hold onto your hats. people don't expect electric cars to be that useful. they're expecting a compromise, and this car is -- is no compromise. >> four palo alto based t esslo which has struggled at times, it's a big boost. >> our goal was to build a truly compelling car regardless of its power train, gas, electric, hydro general, whenever it may be. >> silicon valley leaders say it's good for the valley's business sfls from the charging station to the batteries technology and actual batteries themselves, a smart grid technology that's going to make sure w
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
california y nevada. cesar ---a peticion directa del gobernador jerry brown, la junta directiva de la universidad estatal de california .. take vo decidio postergar un polemico plan que hubiese aumentado las colegiaturas a estudiantes que tardan mas en graduarse... ---la propuesta iba a ser analizada durante la reunion de la directiva que se realiza hoy y manana en long beach... ---muchos estudiantes habian calificado la medida como un castigo y que les creararia mas dificultades para terminar sus estudios superiores... ---tambien esta tarde, la administracion de la universidad de california, tambien decidio cancelar el aumento de colegiaturas que iba a entrar en vigor para el proximo semestre... cesar ---autoridades salvadoreÑa informaron que a partir del 20 de noviembre proximo comenzara la entrega del documento unico de identidad en la ciudad de los angeles... take vo ---esta emision se dara de cara a las elecciones presidenciales de 2014 y a la espera de que la asamblea legislativa de ese pais centroamericano apruebe un proyecto de "ley de voto en el exterior"... ---a partir de a
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am PST
of rain on the way. that means a lot of snow for the sierra nevada. taking your kids up to tahoe for the thanksgiving holiday. if that is your plan, it looks like we will see maybe another two feet of snow come down above 7,000 feet as we head through the weekend. winds right now are still coming out of the east. great time. offshore flow. still taking place out there. for us, that means the 70s are expected and talking about the mid 70s inland. and you will be 70 degrees at the coast. 606. let's take a look at that drive. another beauty. >> thank you, christina. looking over here, bay bridge. trying to distract from you the backup here. look at that. fast track still open. no metering lights yet. another couple of minutes judging by the long lines and maps you see slowing down the east shore freeway through emeryville. indicator they will probably turn the lights on right on schedule. smooth drive, though, with the arrow showing the commute in your direction. east 24 we have the second problem of the morning. this one is disabled motorcycle approaching the tunnel. reports the mo
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am PST
. in livermore-- we're problem free here and the north bay ride is still without the lead from nevada down to the golden gate bridge. public transit is problem free this morning. >>california is doing paint a trade program. even though there is a lawsuit that has been filed the trade plan is essential to good california's warming lot. this will dramatically reduce the mission and the program places a limit on polluters. businesses here in california are required to pass the missions or by--if a business cuts in emissions they can make a commission. this is scheduled for to o'clock a.m. this morning and this is been closely watched around the world. >>the golden state warriors will keep construction on their waterfront arena. the team has a great honor the ordinance. contractors would you san francisco workers for least 25% of the construction. this is a $1 million reserve. the iran that is privately funded the warriors were not required to abide by his ordnance. they stated that this could have employed 2500 construction workers. >>more baseball wars have been announced. baba melvin has be
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
in nevada and oakland is at 57 degrees and pleasanton is in the lower 50s. here is a look at your future cast. it should be cloudy for thursday evening. there will be more persistence by friday morning just-in-time for your commute. the temperatures are in the lord 70's. there is mid 'and lower 'e will be at 72 and pleasanton will be at 73 degrees. the temperatures will be warming up into the lower 70's. santa rosa will be at 74 degrees. and downtown san francisco will be at 70 degrees. enjoy this now because the changes will show what especially by the weekend. temperatures will cool down and the weekend-- snow will be in the mountains but just rain and the bay area. i think the winds walsall pickup and monday was also have more rainwill pickup. it >> up. >> the ride on an estate 80 in the west bound direction is still looking at a 37 minute drive time from hercules to down to berkeley. take a look at oakland ride and you can see that highway 880 and the northbound direction is still pretty sluggish. this is the drive past the coliseum. i would not exactly call this a hot spot because i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5